Being an attorney and owning my own law practice wasn’t always the plan I had in life.

I grew up in the Midwest on a horse farm in Cannon Falls, MN. After high school I received a degree to be an automotive technician. I enjoyed this work for two years until my life changed drastically as an undiscovered tumor on my brain hemorrhaged. I spent five months in a coma and went through radiation therapy, an attempted biopsy and surgery before spending many months in rehabilitation.

This lived experience changed my life and along with that came the decision to change my career. I went back to college and then to law school. As I was looking for a firm to practice at, I realized that none of these firms practiced law as I wanted to practice it—so I started my own.
I’ve created a client centered practice in which I’m easily accessible for each and every client. My unique approach includes using a secure online portal with a commitment to communicating with clients when it works best for them. It’s important to me that you know exactly how everything works prior to hiring me so we’ll discuss the full process in advance. I’m also dedicated to respecting all of my clients, including court-appointed clients.

I offer pro bono services and have been recognized twice by the Iowa Supreme Court in pro bono honor roll. I’m also committed to going above and beyond to researching non-legal issues when it’s appropriate.



The inception of Arleth Law was driven by a passion to redefine legal practice in Iowa. Michael Arleth, after undergoing life-altering experiences and rigorous legal training, identified a need for a law firm that wasn’t just about the courtroom battles but about understanding and addressing the nuanced needs of each client. Since its establishment, Arleth Law has emerged as a firm that melds professional expertise with personal touch, offering services in diverse practice areas and always with a focus on the client’s well-being.


At Arleth Law, our mission is clear: to provide exceptional legal representation that is deeply rooted in respect, transparency, and dedication. We strive to ensure that every individual, irrespective of their background or circumstances, receives fair and just representation. Beyond the legal jargons and courtroom battles, we aim to be a trusted partner for our clients, understanding their stories, addressing their concerns, and guiding them towards a favorable resolution. With Arleth Law by your side, you are not just getting a lawyer; you are gaining an advocate who stands with you every step of the way.


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